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Chimney builders can design and construct new chimneys for residential and commercial properties. They will consider factors such as the type of fireplace or heating system, building codes, safety regulations, and aesthetic preferences. They will handle the entire process, including foundation construction, brick or stone masonry work, flue installation, and the addition of chimney caps or crowns.

Chimney repair specialists can address various issues to ensure the chimney’s safety, functionality, and structural integrity. Common repairs include fixing chimney leaks, replacing damaged or deteriorated bricks or stones, repointing mortar joints, repairing or rebuilding the chimney crown, and replacing damaged flue liners. They may also perform chimney cleaning to remove creosote or other blockages.

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Chimney Rebuilding Services

If only a few bricks are cracked or spalling (breaking off in fragments), they can typically be replaced. If your chimney has become too damaged, we will likely need to partially or completely tear down and rebuild the structure. With any chimney rebuild, we try to use any existing bricks that are still in good condition. When you hire us to restore or rebuild your chimney, you can be sure that all work will be completed in accordance with state and local building codes.

Chimney Repairs Services

Cambridge Roofing & Masonry Chimney Repairs in Cambridge, MA , we know that chimneys are often an afterthought. It’s not easy to see the structure from street level, and unless you have a fireplace inside or on your property, you may never even consider its maintenance. But it’s vital to keep chimneys in good condition because otherwise, they pose a serious threat to the safety and well-being of your home and those who live there.

Chimney Installation 

Cambridge Roofing & Masonry we understand the virtues of a great Chimney Installation. Whether you’re building a brand new chimney, or are looking to restore an older chimney. We’re eager to help you create the most beautiful, effective, and safe chimney for your home. Regardless of the type of chimney you need. You can count on us to present an option for your home, that is watertight, functional, and attractive. And we strive to keep our rates reasonable.

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