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Having a smooth, level driveway is important for every home. It provides a clean and inviting look while also protecting your car from any bumps or cracks that may cause damage. That’s why Anything Asphalt offers driveway repair in Cambridge, MA and the surrounding areas. We understand how vital it is to have an even surface that’s free of dips, ridges, and unevenness. We provide a range of asphalt driveway repairs, including driveway milling, driveway crack repair, driveway paving repair, and more!

Cambridge Roofing & Masonry driveway repair company handles all types of asphalt projects, including sealcoating, resurfacing & replacement services for residential driveways. Whether you need repairs done on existing pavement or need residential driveway resurfacing on your property, our team can handle the job.

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Our Most Popular Services

Driveway Repairs and Resurfacing

If your driveway needs repair or resurfacing, we can help. Our team of highly skilled driveway pavers can assess the situation and determine the materials, cost, and timeframe needed to restore your driveway and have it look like new again.

Full-Service Driveway Contractors

When it comes to driveways, Cambridge Roofing & Masonry does everything from complete paved driveway installation to driveway resurfacing and repair. We also provide landscaping services such as edging and gardening to make sure that your driveway.

Concrete Installation Experts Services

Concrete has the potential to be the longest-lasting investment you will make in and around your home. However, many homeowners lack knowledge of the importance of maintaining concrete to ensure it reaches its fullest life potential. 

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